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What is it?

GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate)

  • Sedative-hypnotic (sleep aid)

  • Distinctive salty/soapy taste

  • Undiluted GHB is syrupy

GBL (gamma-butyrolactone) & B/BD/BD0 (1.4-butanediol)

  • Industrial chemicals that are converted into GHB in the body

  • “Industrial”, bitter, unpleasant taste

  • Undiluted GBL is thinner than GHB; Undiluted B has consistency of water


GHB (as well as GBL and B) are central nervous system depressants; effects are similar to alcohol.

Higher doses can cause dizziness, sleepiness, nausea/vomiting, muscle spasms, and loss of consciousness which can lead to breathing rate slowing down to a dangerously low level.

GHB and GBL may be felt within 30 min, peak effects may take up to 2 hours.

B takes longer to metabolize, allow more time to feel its effects and between doses.


Almost always ingested orally.


These drugs exist as a powder in their pure form, but are almost always sold as liquid - making dosage difficult to gauge. In powdered form, a dose of GHB ranges from ½ a gram to 4 grams.

Harm Reduction

Use food coloring to dye your G so that you can distinguish it from other clear liquids & prevent accidental ingestion.

Diluted GHB/GBL settles in the bottle and needs to be shaken before use.

Reactions are dependent on body weight, whether the individual has eaten, if they are sleepy, and many other factors.

Using a measuring device (measuring spoon, dropper, syringe) can help reduce the risk of an accidental overdose.

Be Cautious!

The effects can come on extremely fast - do not drive!

Combining G with alcohol, sleeping pills, tranquilizers or sedatives is very dangerous - even if taken several hours apart.

It is important to remember that the strength can vary from one batch to the next - meaning the right dose one time can cause an overdose another time (always start low).

Drink Spiking

GHB and related substances have been used to drug people unknowingly. 

Drink Spiking is when any drug is added to one's drink without their knowledge or consent. This is done with the intention of taking advantage of the person due to their vulnerable state.

Protect yourself

  • watch your drinks be made

  • only drink from sealed containers

  • dont share drinks with others

  • attend to your drink the whole time

If you have any reason to believe your drink has been spiked, immediately let a venue staff/security/trusted friend know and do not leave alone.


Many overdoses on G occur because the user did not wait long enough before taking another dose; effects continue for approx 3 hours from onset (B takes longer to feel and lasts longer).

Additional doses increase the risk of overdose - wait at least 2 hours between doses and take only ½ the amount of the first.

If you feel dizzy or sick, get help immediately as you may lose consciousness quickly. If someone goes unconscious and can not be aroused or has a seizure, call EMS immediately. Keep the person in the recovery position to keep their airway open; also important in case they vomit.

For more info on GHB, check out


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