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What is it?


  • Numbing powder derived from the cocoa plant (typically grows in South America) 

  • Stimulant; described effects are similar to amphetamines, but much shorter acting.

  • Used as a local anesthetic (numbing agent) in medicine

  • Crack cocaine; made by heating baking soda with cocaine to make smokeable “rocks”


  • Typically causes feelings of confidence, alertness, talkativeness, and euphoria.

  • Increases heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature.

  • Effects come on within minutes and peak after about 15-30 minutes. Total duration approx 30-60 min.

  • When smoked in the form of crack, the effects are much stronger and come on within seconds; however, they wear off much quicker (few mins).


Typically snorted, some may consume it orally to reduce strain on nasal passages, some inject intravenously (IV).

Crack cocaine is smoked.


Common snorted dose is 30-70 mg & smoked dose is 15-30 mg.

Due to its short duration, it’s common for consumers to build tolerance and require higher doses over a session (acutely) or over time (chronically).

Harm Reduction

Test your stuff! The illicit drug supply is unpredictable and unregulated, no matter how much you trust your source, it never hurts to be cautious. Always carry naloxone incase of an opioid drug poisoning.

Use new supplies & do not share! 

Damage to the inner lining of your nasal passages (occurs when snorting drugs) creates an opening which lets out tiny amounts of blood (not visible to the eye) which can easily transmit diseases (ie. hepC) via shared snorting utensils.

Have your own kit!

Clean straws/post-it notes (easy to roll up and dispose of)

Saline/sterile water to rinse nose after snorting 

Clean card and surface

DO NOT use dollar bills!  They are so dirty and your nose deserves better!!

Snorting any substance causes damage to the nasal passages, to help minimize this use saline spray before, during and after use - make sure you switch nostrals each time too!

The comedown can be unpleasant, this experience is made worse by higher and more frequent doses. Certain routes of consumption, smoking and injecting, worsen these after-effects.  

Make sure to use in moderation & avoid daily consumption - your body needs the rest!

Be Cautious

The risk of cardiovascular injury with cocaine is significantly higher than other stimulants. High or frequent doses of cocaine can damage the heart & blood vessels, leading to strokes, aneurysms, & heart attacks. Even at low doses sudden cardiovascular side effects may occur.

Do not combine with other stimulants & be cautious of exertion, there is a risk of overheating, hypertension, & uneven heartbeat (arrhythmia).

For more info on cocaine, check out


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