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What is it?

2C-B (2,5-dimethoxy-4-bromophenethylamine)

  • Classified as a “phenethylamine” - drug category that shares properties of psychedelics & stimulants

  • Belongs to a family of drugs called 2Cs which are similar in structure to mescaline; others include 2C-I, 2C-E, & 2C-T-7

  • Typically sold as a powder, sometimes pressed into pills


Effects last 5-7 hours, peak effects typically experienced 60-90 min after ingestion.


  • Stimulant effects; energy, dehydration, increased heart rate, reduced appetite

  • “Body high” that is described as an intense warm glow throughout the body

  • Moderate-high doses may produce nausea & vomiting


  • Described as somewhere between LSD & MDMA

  • Increased feelings of sociability, affection, & empathy

  • May cause anxiety &/or paranoia

  • Distortions in perception


  • Color enhancement

  • Geometric patterns

  • Drifting -  “defined as the experience of the texture, shape, and general structure of objects and scenery appearing progressively warped, melted, and morphed across themselves” (Drifting, 2020)

Low doses produces some mood enhancement but minimal visual effects.


Typically ingested orally, some administer it rectally. Snorting is painful & usually avoided.


Threshold (barely felt): 5mg

Low: 5-15mg

Moderate: 15-25mg

Large: 25-45mg

Be Cautious

Weigh your dose (don't eyeball it) as 2C-B dosing is very sensitive. Try volumetric dosing to measure, Tripsit has a great resource for this on their website -  

As with other psychedelics and emotionally intense substances, those with a (family or personal) history of mood or psychotic disorders may be at a higher risk of experiencing psychological upset.

The other 2Cs have their own unique effects & dosage, you can find more info about drugs in this category on

Harm Reduction

As with all psychedelics, it's important to consider set & setting before choosing to dose Being in a safe supportive environment with trusted people, as well as being in a good headspace, can reduce the chances of having a difficult trip.

Always test your drugs and carry naloxone! 

Look up drug combinations if applicable, this includes drugs you take regularly.


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