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Magic Mushrooms

What is it?

Magic Mushrooms 

  • Include various types of mushrooms, all of which contain psilocybin 

  • Psilocybin itself is not psychoactive; however, when it is consumed the body breaks it down into psilocin - which is a psychedelic 

  • “Pro drugs” are inactive substances until they are ingested and broken down into an active drug within the body, another example of this is GBL which is broken down to GHB once consumed

  • They are being studied for the treatment various health conditions, such as chronic depression


On an empty stomach, full effects may be felt around 30-60 min after consumption; effects take longer to kick-in on a full stomach - typically lasts for around 4-6 hours.

Effects are distinct from LSD, although they may be similar. The mushroom headspace is less controllable than that of LSD and the experience is reported to be more unpredictable. Some users report feeling deeply connected to nature, some say the experience is very spiritual.


Typically consumed raw (usually dried but some consume them fresh) or brewed into a tea.


A typical dose is about 1.5 to 2.5 g (dried); 0.25 g is a typical threshold dose (one you can just barely feel); 3.5 g or above is generally considered to be a strong dose.

The amount of psilocybin in a mushroom can vary greatly, making precise dosing difficult.

Harm Reduction

Plan for your trip!

Let someone you trust know about your intentions to dose.

Pay attention to set & setting as this has a huge impact on whether the experience will be positive or difficult - check in with your internal state (thoughts, feelings, expectations) and find a supportive, calm environment where you feel comfortable & safe.

Read up on the practice of intention setting and integration before your trip - these are important components of psychedelic experiences.

Eat a meal 2 hours before you plan to dose, this can help decrease the intensity of the come-up & may reduce the nausea experienced during/after the trip.

Be Cautious!

The trip can be a frightening experience for some, causing panic and anxiety. This can be made worse by the surrounding environment (i.e. crowded, loud, hectic, or unpredictable spaces).

Psychedelics & other emotionally intense substances may cause psychological upset, the risk is increased in those with personal/family history of mood or psychotic disorders.

It is very important to double check that what you have are psilocybin mushrooms.


There are many genuses of mushrooms that contain psilocybin & within each genus category there are various species - there is variety amongst species as well.

Example: Golden Teachers are one of the varieties within the species P. Cubensis

Identifying your mushrooms is very important; accidental ingestion of a poisonous mushroom is dangerous!

Check out for info about identification and more helpful stuff!

Marina Sabina's Story

Magic mushrooms, “niños santos”, were used as part of sacred healing rituals in the Mazateca communities of northern Oaxaca.

Oaxacan curandera Maria Sabina guided healing rituals (known as veladas) for ill people beginning at a very young age and became well known in her community.

An executive banker from the US had an interest in experiencing one of these veladas after reading about Aztec mushroom rituals. He made his way to Huatla de Jiménez, Mexico and sought out Maria Sabina; she was very reluctant to perform the ritual on him because he was not sick. She eventually gave in and performed the velada - he returned 8 more times.

Following an article about Maria Sabina, her community became a popular tourist destination for people who were seeking an authentic velada experience. 

Many of the people who came did not have respect for the wisdom behind the ritual, they were simply thrill seeking, which resulted in a bad outcome for Maria Sabina. Her community shunned her for commercializing their traditions; in 1985 she passed away in poverty at the age of 91.

Vargas, A.S. (2017, February 23) Meet María Sabina, the Oaxacan Curandera Who Brought Magic Mushrooms to ’60s Counterculture

For more info on Magic Mushrooms, check out


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