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Updated: Dec 20, 2023

What is it?

MDMA (3,4-Methlenedioxymethamphetamine) 

  • Originally termed “ecstacy” or “molly”

  • Belongs to a family of drugs called entactogens (meaning “touching within”) - MDA, MDE, & MBDB are also in this category

  • Current studies are exploring its effectiveness for treating things like PTSD


MDMA is a “mood elevator”, producing a relaxed, euphoric state. It does not cause hallucinations. 

Sensations are enhanced & the user experiences increased feelings of empathy, emotional warmth, & acceptance of self; this empathy aspect makes MDMA unique.

The experience ("rolling") involves both a physical (ie. sensitized touch) & mental component (the "breakthrough" to the MDMA headspace). In order to experience the desired effects, its important to find the right dose for you!


Increased tactile sensations, as well as common stimulant effects such as increased heart rate & blood pressure. It also increases overall body temp.

Users may also experience dehydration, teeth grinding or jaw locking, eye wiggles & difficulty urinating.

Effects Timeline of Oral Consumption

  1. 20-40 min after consumption it begins to take effect, starting with rushes of exhilaration (may be accompanied by nausea) 

  2. 60-90 min after consumption, the user feels its peak effects

  3. Effects tend to subside after about 3-5 hours

Snorting the drug results in effects coming on & wearing off faster.


Almost always consumed orally (usually as a tablet or capsule) or by snorting (insufflation).


A standard dose of MDMA is typically between 80 - 125mg; some naturally require more to feel desired effects, others require less.

Not taking enough may result in the user feeling the physical components of the experience but they don't "breakthrough" - usually involves feeling stimulated, but disengaged socially/quiet.

Taking too much can cause very intense sensations; the user may feel "floored" & need to sit/lay down for the duration of the experience

Taking a single redose (1/3 - 1/2 of original) around 90 min after the first can extend the peak of the experience by a few hours. Taking more than this only increases the side effects (i.e. the hangover).

Harm Reduction

Drink Water! Higher doses of MDMA, especially if taken in a hot environment (i.e. a packed nightclub), can lead to hyperthermia or heatstroke, which can be fatal. Remember to take breaks from dancing, cool down, & stay hydrated.

Over consuming water can also be fatal; called “hyponatremia” which happens when the body's electrolytes become diluted. Aim for 1-3 cups of water per hour, sports drinks/electrolyte powders are good too!

Have a trip buddy & look out for eachothers hydration!

Be cautious!

Test your drugs! Much of what is sold as “ecstacy” actually contains other drugs, some of which are more dangerous than MDMA (ie. PMA, methamphetamine, cathinones).

Some experience a hangover after taking MDMA (can last a day or longer) - caused by the drug's action on serotonin (mood regulating brain chemical). Taking too high a dose/frequent use can lead to more severe hangovers.

To minimize the risks associated with MDMA, space your rolls by 3-6 months; don't increase your dose if it still works for you!

For more info on MDMA, check out


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