harm reduction 101

Understanding How Harm Reduction Works

Harm reduction can be used as an umbrella term for programs, policies and practices that aim to reduce the negative consequences associated with behaviors that are typically considered high risk. It involves a range of non-judgmental approaches and strategies aimed at providing and enhancing the knowledge, skills, resources and supports for individuals, their families and communities. Harm reduction empowers people to make informed decisions to be safer and healthier in any way small or big. Therefore, meeting people where they are at rather than suggesting people completely stop a harmful activity by using abstinence. 

Harm reduction is used in many areas of public health and safety. For example, laws requiring seat belt use that reduces harm caused by car accidents. Safe sex campaigns are also a form of Harm Reduction in our community, however the most well known area is in reducing the harm associated with substance use. Indigo promotes harm reduction strategies to the harmful risks that can be associated within the festival and night life environment.  

Do you call a cab or have a DD when you have been drinking alcohol?

Congratulations you are reducing harm! 

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We are apart of Alberta Health Services Take Home Naloxone Kit Program. We offer a hands on approach to naloxone training and ensure our clients are well prepared to respond to an opioid overdose. 

Simple and easy! E-mail us to schedule an education session with one of our trainers. Training can take from 15-60 minutes, depends on location size of the group. After training is completed you are certified by Alberta Health Services to obtain a free naloxone kit.  


We approach and encourage restaurants, bars, live event venues, security teams, promotion and event companies to organize a training session to provide your team the support, knowledge, and guidance on how to respond to an overdose within your event or establishment. Indigo wishes to see organizations establishing an overdose response protocol to help protect our community members who are unware of the current risk associated with using substances. The opioid crisis is a conversation that needs to be had and not ignored as it effects us all.

Indigo Harm Reduction encourages all community memebers to carry a naloxone kit as you never know you may need to save someone live. We offer private or group training for all community members. 

Contact us naloxone@indigoharmreduction.com to schedule an Education Session!  

Carry a Naloxone kit and NEVER use alone!

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