indigo harm reduction


Who we are


Indigo Harm Reduction is a Harm Reduction organization based in Edmonton, Alberta, that provides services to the nightlife industry, large events and festival communities. Indigo strives to deliver access to scientifically based harm reduction strategies and services to promote health education in a safe, supportive and unbiased environment. We encourage community members to make conscious well informed decisions for their health and well-being. Indigo approaches the harmful risks in the nightlife and festival communities by providing support at live events with reliable harm reduction services through peer to peer support and engagement. We do not encourage any consumption of drugs or condemn but acknowledge harmful behaviors that are within the nightlife, large events and festival communities.  #supportnotpunish 



our services 

Indigo Harm Reduction Services provides trained live event outreach teams that provide peer to peer support in the night life and festival communities. We provide community members a safe space at events, shows or festivals with access to: 

  • Harm Reduction Outreach Booths - Education and Information on Harm Reduction Strategies

  • Safer Substance & Sex information

  • Safer Sex Supplies

  • Safer Usage Supplies

  • Substance Field Reagent Testing

  • Information on Community Resources and Programs

  • Chill Spaces, Sanctuary, or Haven Areas that have Psycho-social or psycho-emotional support with both Peer to Peer Support and Certified professionals ie. Psych Nurses, Social Workers or Councillors

  • Step Down from Main Medical - Helps free up space from guests who are medically cleared but may need more support and time before heading back into the event

  • Female Identifying Safe Spaces 

  • Creating awareness on current issues affecting the community 

Indigo provides the following services outside of providing support to the nightlife industry, large events or festivals:

  • Large and Small Naloxone training - Apart of the Take Home Naloxone Program with Alberta Health Services

  • Harm Reduction Workshops

  • Substance Checking Workshops

  • Harm Reduction Consults




help indigo ACHIEVE alberta’s first substance checking technology

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Why Does This Matter?

In response to Alberta’s declaration of the public health emergency regarding Fentanyl overdoses, INDIGO is attempting to purchase a FT-IR Spectroscopy and mobile laboratory to provide substance checking to all demographics across Alberta.

Right now the province of Alberta is lacking access to any type of substance checking tool and Indigo currently has limitations from the reagent testing we are providing at festivals.

This accurate tool will give Albertan's the right to check their substances to ensure what they believe to be consuming is safe. This technology would be ideal for identifying unknown substances as it quickly identifies substances from a unique infrared spectrum, which is automatically matched to a database that will immediately shows up the exact contents of the substance.

The spectrometer will be available to the community year-round through INDIGO and plan for this to be a mobile unit to assist us at Music Festivals across Western Canada. Please help us in our goal to raise funds to make Alberta communities safer!

What is an FT-IR Spectroscopy? Fourier Transform Infrared Radiation (FTIR) is ideal for identifying unknown substances. The technique is fast, easy and versatile, and can analyze solids, liquids, pastes and gases. Unknown samples can even be identified from mixtures, which is vital when sampling drugs that may have impurities, fillers or cutting agents. Irrespective of visual appearance or form, substances are quickly identified from their unique infrared spectrum, which is automatically matched to a database, just like identifying a human fingerprint. Each analysis takes less than a minute and requires no sample preparation or additional chemicals or consumables. Due to its compact size and durable components the ALPHA II Drug Identification Kit is not only suitable for stationary use but also can be moved in a carrying case and allows the use in mobile laboratories. A crucial factor for successfully identifying drug substances is the availability of comprehensive and up-to-date spectral databases.



Indigo respects our clients privacy which is why we have decided to not post the festivals organizations name, if you wish to know more about which festival this was please feel free to contact us.


Indigo provided substance checking for the first time to Festival #1 Located just outside of Edmonton, Alberta. Click Here for the results!

Festival #2

Here is the information from the substance checking we did at festival #2 last summer! This one included quite a few instances of methamphetamine being sold as cocaine, and other surprises. This is why it's important to test your substances! Click Here for the results!