party based harm reduction 

Who we are


Indigo Harm Reduction is a party based Harm Reduction organization based in Edmonton, Alberta. Indigo strives to deliver access to scientifically based harm reduction strategies and services to promote health education in a safe, supportive and unbiased environment that encourages community members to make conscious well informed decisions for their health and well- being. Indigo approaches the harmful risks in the nightlife and festival communities by providing support at live events with reliable harm reduction services through peer to peer support. We do not encourage any consumption of drugs or condemn but acknowledge harmful behaviors that are within the nightlife and festival communities . #supportnotpunish 



our services 

Indigo Harm Reduction Services provides quality trained live event outreach teams that provide peer to peer support in the night life and festival communities. We provide community members a safe space at events, shows or festivals with access to: 

- Safe substance & sex information and supplies


- Knowledge and Education on safer partying harm reduction practices 

- Substance field testing

- Reliable health education and literature  

- Information on community services and programs

- Chill Spots and Sanctuary Areas 

- Women's Safe Spaces 

- Creating awareness on current issues affecting the community 

- Educators and Distributors with the Alberta Health Services Take Home Naloxone Kit Program